IT Room in a Rush


IT Room – Designed & Installed on a Tight Schedule With very short noticed, we were tasked to design and install a new IT room for a client. We were asked to figure out how to bring the wires into the room onto some sort of "cable tray," then position the racks so the

Community Internet Access


Network Bridges – Making the Internet Accessible Across Multiple Buildings in Eastlake On this project for the Surfside neighborhood in Eastlake, we made the internet accessible for the community. At Smart Home, we're brave enough to climb great heights to do an install, and smart enough to get it done right the first time.

Television and Sound System Install


Entertainment System Installation Our challenge was to install this 65" TV and mini soundbar without visible wires. The receiver and amplifier are inside the cabinet with a fan sending the hot air out of the back of the cabinet to protect the equipment. The system also includes a router and cable box.